About Us

“Let Big Star Training help you take your compliance training from ordinary and boring to spectacular”

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

Our advantage starts with the founder of Big Star Training: John Jones; an expert with 43 years of experience in the sexual harassment field and vast knowledge of the sexual assault field.

Est. 2020

Our Story

Big Star Training is an Internet-based company that provides individuals and organizations (small, medium, and large) with relevant online training classes to meet their needs.

We offer online courses that will help you stop and prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault so you can spend your time focusing on your core business.

First, we’ve recognized that sexual harassment and sexual assault continue to be a major scourge plaguing companies and individuals. More awareness and education is needed.

Second, we can help you solve this problem with our unique sexual harassment and assault training courses built on a four-strong wall platform, with your business front and center.


Our Guarantee

Our courses are backed by a 100%, no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Which we’re confident you won’t need to employ.

Training Infrastructure

Our approach to training is built on a four strong wall platform.


Sustainable direct trade paleo semiotics.


Free bonuses to supplement training.


Workplace posters to reinforce training.


Refresher training videos.