Sexual Harassment

10 Ways to Look at Sexual Harassment

Behavior that constitutes sexual harassment happens in every environment known to men and women. They are destructive, and often they are known as unwelcome behaviors that should never occur.

Workplace sexual harassment

Understand the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault by viewing our YouTube explainer videos.

Black Business Woman Being Victim of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Several studies and reports indicate that black women experience sexual harassment in employment much more than their white peers. This article investigates the combination of factors that leave women of color in such a vulnerable workplace position.

Confident Business Coach Giving Presentation

According to ABC News, 54% of American women are victims of sexual harassment, 30% have worked in a hostile work environment, and 25% are victims of quid pro quo. Whereas women are adversely affected, studies have shown that men report two of every ten cases of sexual harassment.

Problem Solving Close Up of Hand Preventing Dominos from Falling

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a severe issue, and employers still have a lot to do to weed out this problem. It isn’t just a legal responsibility; sexual harassment has an impact on performance. But how do you prevent sexual harassment in your workplace? To answer this, we have […]

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California has one of the most comprehensive laws when it comes to matters of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment acts are a violation of the Civil rights Act of 1964 and California’s fair employment and housing act. Under California law, offensive conduct is not only limited to motivation of sexual desire. […]

Businessman is Sexually Harassing Female Colleague by Touching Her Shoulder

Sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new. It is a transgression that has been around for decades, and sadly, it is not something that we can respect. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is as common as going from Monday to Tuesday. […]

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Sexual misconduct is a term that is gaining traction, especially in the media these days, yet most people don’t know what it constitutes or how to deal with it. It’s one reason why many victims still can’t come forward regarding sexual misconduct, especially in the workplace environment. Frankly, there are […]